Here is a small sampling of the students of the Reason's Golf Academy and their comments regarding their experiences.


Excerpt: "Over time I've tried lessons with a few other 'pros' ... Mark is the only one I've met who was honest to explain the process of building a swing. I've been helped by him for two years now and expect to continue next year here in Florida."
  Jack O'Malley


Excerpt: "I am a 72 year old retired executive and I didn't play golf until after I retired. I attended a school (named, but not shown) and had golf instruction from two of their professionals, none of which was very helpful. I came across Mark Reason whose methods included a golf swing analyzer which covered your stance, club head speed, tempo, distance of shot and many other aspects of the golf swing. Mark's techniques are unique and he constantly found ways to help me, not only to improve but kept my golf swing from backsliding into my old, ineffective swing. He is a dedicated golf instructor with a keen interest in each of his students."

  R. A. Romeo, Nokomis, FL


"I have taken lessons from Mark for the past several months. I have been extremely pleased with Mark's knowledge of the game and his teaching ability. My game has improved significantly due to Mark's instruction. I highly recommend Mark as a golf teaching professional."

  Stephen B. Keyser, Sarasota, FL


Excerpt: "As a beginner, Mark was very patient helping me understanding all aspects of the golf swing. Using the golf simulator and swing analyzer Mark continued to guide me where now I am ready and confident on the golf course. Thank you Mark for sharing your knowledge and teaching me how to play golf."

  Valerie Donahue


"I strongly urge you to utilize the knowledge, skills and abilities of Mark Reason. Mark is a true professionals golf instructor. Over the past 9 months, through Mark's instruction and encouragement, my golf game and my entire approach to golf has improved greatly. Mark provides instructions tailored to the individual which, in my experience, is highly unusual. Mark is readily available at anytime for questions and provides a relaxed atmosphere for his training program. Your organization will not regret its' association with Mark Reason."

  William M. Tominosky, N. Venice, FL


From a 87 year old student: " I would like to recommend golf professional Mark Reason. I have received golf instruction from Mr. Reason for the past three months and have found him to be an excellent teacher. His method of teaching is a complete step by step program of building a golf swing that will allow his students to continue to play well in their advance years. He enjoys teaching and makes the process a enjoyable experience. His patient, yet firm, relaxed manner encourages a student to work hard to make progress between lessons. Being elderly, I was particularly pleased that I was made to feel that my age was not at all a limitation on my ability to play golf. The encouragement and positive approach that I received was definitely an antidote for the feeling that an octogenarian should be 'put out to pasture'."

  David J. Westbrook, DDS, Nokomis, FL

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