How does a slender 5'-7" player like Tamie Durdin and 5'-5" Yani Tseng maintain a 
LPGA tour driving average of 287 yards?

This question has haunted golfers for years. The people at Reason's Golf Academy know the answer is developing the method of  'Delayed Release'.

At the Reason's Golf Academy, through personal instruction both on the range and with the use of a sophisticated golf simulator and swing analyzer. Our instructors can correct your swing mistakes by teaching you the secret of the 'Delayed Release.' This results in a powerful and repeatable golf swing for longer and straighter shots.  

After the Reason sessions you'll no longer be asking "How do they do that?" you'll know how to swing like the PGA and LPGA pros. 

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The Reason Academy Teaching Method begins with several rudimentary drills requiring the use of a weighted training club and a Reason training DVD. These tools combined illustrates the proper setup and swing drills. Familiarizing yourself with these drills is a necessary precursor to the simulator/analyzer sessions. 

Once the student has advanced sufficiently with the initial lesson techniques and body toning through the use of the training club, they can schedule a personalized training session with a Reason instructor. The advance lessons are intended to build upon the drill basics with personalized instruction and coaching.  

Rates:  Individual instruction - $175/hr.
             Three lesson pkg. - $375
"The benefits of the delayed release golf swing is the powerful and consistent ball contact"
Mark Reason
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The Classic Delayed Release of 
Ben Hogan
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Mark Reason
Telephone contact: 941-387-4807
"Over time I've tried lessons with a few other 'pros' ... Mark is the only one I've met who was honest to explain the process of building a swing. I've been helped by him for two years now and expect to continue next year here in Florida."
  Jack O'Malley

From a 87 year old student: " I would like to recommend golf professional Mark Reason. I have received golf instruction from Mr. Reason for the past three months and have found him to be an excellent teacher. His method of teaching is a complete step by step program of building a golf swing that will allow his students to continue to play well in their advance years. He enjoys teaching and makes the process a enjoyable experience. His patient, yet firm, relaxed manner encourages a student to work hard to make progress between lessons. Being elderly, I was particularly pleased that I was made to feel that my age was not at all a limitation on my ability to play golf. The encouragement and positive approach that I received was definitely an antidote for the feeling that an octogenarian should be 'put out to pasture'."

  David J. Westbrook, DDS, Nokomis, FL