Swing Analysis

A critical training aid in the Reason method is the students' use of our state-of-the-art Golf Simulator and Golf Swing Analyzer. By the use of sophisticated software the instructor is able to analyze the students swing mistakes and concentrate on those areas that require improvement.  

DDynamic Swing Analysis measures:

  • Club face angle 
  • Swing path 
  • Angle of attack 
  • Swing tempo 
  • Toe and heel height 
  • Sweet spot deviation 
  • Club head speed 

A Digital Picture Of Your Swing 
Through The Impact Zone 
Using the P3ProSwing™, you can see the point of impact and gain additional insight into your club swing and how you impact the ball. You will see visually if your swing path was square through impact, if your club face was square as you made contact with the ball, and what angle of attack your club was on at impact. You can also see where on the club face you made contact with the ball to see if you are using the sweet spot of the club and transferring the most energy you have generated with your swing to the ball

Detailed Analysis of Swing and Ball Flight Data 
  In addition to visualization of impact, the P3ProSwing™ provides a full range of information that will help you understand the mechanics of  your club through your swing and the resulting ball flight calculations. 

This information includes: Swing Tempo, Club Head Speed, Toe and  Heel Heights, Distance, Right and Left of Path. In addition to the  measured information, the P3ProSwing™ calculates total distance, total carry.
See Your Shot 
 From all the data captured from your swing, the ball flight of your shot is  calculated and shown on a driving range, our Highlands National golf course, or on the putting green.  The ability of the P3ProSwing to predict the shape of the shot is unparalleled. The nuances of fade and  draw, push and pull are all generated in a method that delivers a high  degree of confidence in the display of the ball flight dynamics.

By analyzing the feedback information from the simulator system the instructor can pinpoint those swing features that require corrective practice. 
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